I recently purchased Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Standard for my bike trip to Ladakh. I am a die-hard fan of this brand when it comes to motorcycles. I had a bullet 350 before unfortunately had to sell it off. I was eyeing this particular model for a long time, finally got hold of it. Thanks to my blogging business which is going quite good now. You can also start your own blog and start earning through it. Now before I tell you more about my experience on my new Bullet 350, check this video. I uploaded this video on my YouTube channel and went through some basic features.

Why Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is the best bike in Royal Enfield line up?

This bike lacks self-start and rear disc brake. Still this the most preferred bike for old Enfield lovers. It has a retro look and sure can turn few heads around. Let me list down the reason why this bike such an iconic bike in RE line up.

  • The name is enough. This is the flagship bike of Royal Enfield. They have recently induced modern features like electric start, disc brakes, etc. But there is nothing like kick-starting a Bullet 350 Standard. The feel is different and it surely makes you a bike connoisseur rather than a biker.
  • This bike is very comfortable for long rides. The saddle is good, your bums don’t hurt and with little handle adjustment, it is comfortable for your hands. Some people advise to change the thin tyre at back with a little thick tyre, however, let me tell you I had no issues with thin tyre in Laddakh.
  • This bike is more stable than other models like classic 350. The reason being is’ heavier crank. Most noteworthy, that because of heavier crank this motorcycle has the old thump and driving slow in high gears is easy.
  • Now, remember, this is a cruiser bike and not a racing bike. I went little over 130+ km/hour on the freeway, but slowly and gradually. You cannot expect this bike to go from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds. (No fast and furious bro)

Let’s talk about issues now.

There were a couple of issues I could identify in the bike.

  • Before the first service, I took this bike from Jaipur to Pushkar (140km and back). Unfortunately, the silencer bolts came out and silencer was hanging without the bolt support. When inquired, I got to know that this was the dealer’s fault. They did not get my bike ready in a proper way before delivery. Ideally, they need to check every screw and bolt. This was not the case with me.
  • I tested this bike to the core on my trip to Ladakh. While riding at high altitude the pick up of Bullet 350 Standard dies. I know there is less oxygen and fuel must not be burning properly, but the pickup and performance are like literally poor. I had my bike serviced recently and the technician advised that this would not happen as he made certain adjustments. I am yet to test this, probably next year when I return to the mountains again.

Summing up

Above were the only two issues that I found on my trip to Ladakh this year. I made a few videos as well on my YouTube channel, hope you like them.

Even though I went with a group which had Bullet 350 and Himalayan, in the mountains, I did not find significant difference in 350 and bullet 500. However, Himalayan does have an edge as it’s 650cc. However, with the investment on around 1.4 lacs, bullet 350 still rules.

If you have any questions about my trip of the bike, please leave them in the comment section below. I would love to answer them.


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