I was looking around on the internet and found not one article where all the running groups are listed together. So, I am creating one. Running is an amazing sport and post COVID I see a lot of people in my city getting conscious about their fitness. Some started cycling some decided to run.

Whatever you do keep yourself fit is good. I do not run much. Having said that I am a part of a big fitness community here in Jaipur. So let me list down all the running groups in Jaipur and how you can be a part of those groups. I am going to cover some prominent groups in Jaipur like Jaipur Runners Club (JR), Pink City Runners group (PCR), Joshilay Runners & Royal Rajasthan Runners (RRR). So let’s dive in!

Jaipur Runners Club

Jaipur Runners Club logo
Jaipur Runner’s Logo

One of the oldest running groups in Jaipur is the Jaipur runners club. Members call it JR. This group was founded by Mukesh Mishra, a name that is a pioneer in the running community of Jaipur. The mission of the group is clear and precise. Their motto is to inspire and help people by introducing them to a running lifestyle. The group is in existence for the past 14 years and growing. Currently, with over 5000+ members and a strong core team, they are the strongest running group in town. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below. They conduct international standard marathons which attract almost every fitness enthusiast from the town and outside.

Jaipur Road Runner – Good for new runners!

Jaipur road runners logo
Jaipur road runners logo

If you are a new runner or if you want to start running then this is the group for you. Dinesh Choudhary & Nitika are running the group aimed at inducing running culture especially for folks who want to start running. They are coaching new runners with the pros and cons of running and how to start running without the risk of getting injured. So if you are a new runner do connect with them.

Pink City Runners Group

Pink city runners logo
Pink City Runners group logo

Another big group in the pink city. Pink City Runners group organizes the pink city half marathon. This event is held in the month of December. The race consists of a 21.1 KM half marathon, 10 KM cool run, 5 KM dream run and 2 KM fun run. The vision again is to promote running as a sport. The group was founded by Dr. Namit Sharma, another pioneer in the running community. PCR is also one of the largest running groups of Rajasthan and the winner of 100 days running challenge. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Joshilay Runners

Joshilay Runners Logo
Joshilay Runners Logo

Unlike the above-mentioned groups, this is fairly new in town. However, the group is founded and led by an experienced runner named Rajesh Choudhary. This is what Joshilay Runners have to say about the group. “We are a group of energetic Runners, we love new challenges! Running is the best gift to oneself! Keep Running Stay Healthy !! As a team, we go out trekking and cycling. We run in Jungle, on Roads, stadium, and hills too, we encourage non-runners.” If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Royal Rajasthan runners

Royal Rajasthan runners logo
Royal Rajasthan runners logo

Last but not least. Royal Rajasthan runners are again a highly motivated running group led by Sunil Gour. The group has members who are highly motivated and run daily. The motto behind the group is to introduce more and more folks to run. It is a good group to be in. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Summing up the running groups in Jaipur

So these were the four main groups for runners who are looking for a company to run. They run around the pink city at different places. In case you want to check out amazing places to run in Jaipur check out this article. This brings us to the end of the article in case you know a group that I missed out please let me know in the comment section.


  1. It’s amazing information… Seriously do my new runners track k sath sath group ko miss karte h.. jo unhe technically guide karte huye running world grow karwa sake.. tumhara article un logo k liy bahut helpful h.. even tumhare sare blog amazing hote h.. full of information..gr8 going.. keep it up varun…?????

  2. Hi Varun..

    Can you post a list of trainers who can provide individual coaching/ training to runners, is there any professional qualification for Running Coaches..

    • Sure I will work on it and share the list in my next article. Having said that you can connect with DC from road runners group. Admin: Dinesh Choudhary
      Phone: +91-9829458468 He provides coaching to new runners.


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