If you have visited the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, you should have to go to Tanot Mata Temple because it represents a holy place for the purity and divinity of the goddess. I have personally experienced the unique aura with mesmerization at the highly-revered Tanot Mata ka Mandir.

Tanot Mata ki aarti by BSF in the temple should not be missed. BSF does this without fail in the morning and the evening. Tanot Mata in Jaisalmer is not just famous for the above-said things, but holds a great relevance and has historic significance as well. I had a chance to visit this temple on my tour of Rajasthan. This was the second temple that I visited after the Om Banna temple.

At the Tanot border and temple, the great BSF personnel is present to protect the local people. You can connect with them to know the Tanot Mata temple history and how the glory of the temple associates with the Indian Army.

If you’re interested to know how to reach Tanot and the timings for visiting the temple, just read the full article in the below sections. You can visit the temple at any time of the day, but I prefer morning and evening. This is because the Tanot Mata ki aarti is something that happens at 6 AM/PM by BSF and that is not to be missed.

Tanot Mata Temple History

In 847 AD, the highly admired Tanot Mata ka mandir has established with the idol diety. The temple has constructed after Tanot became a kingdom of the city ruled by Bhati Rajput King Tanu Rao. In 1965, the BSF supervised the temple’s maintenance, and RAC took the same responsibility later. 

Ammunitions that did not explode at Tanot Mata.
Ammunitions that did not explode

Tanot Mata temple has many unique stories, and miraculous events have occurred during the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965. For instance, 3000 bombs failed to explode on the temple and the Indian Army. In 1971, the same miracle happened, and only one small unit of BSF repulsed the Pakistani Army’s sudden attack. 

Tanot Mata ki aarti by BSF

Watch the electrifying atmosphere in the temple where the BSF personnel are doing the daily rituals. DO NOT MISS THIS!

How to Reach Tanot?

It is very easy to reach Tanot from Jaisalmer. I have reached Tanot within two hours via road from Jaisalmer. Different taxis are available to get the Tanot Mata ka mandir. There are private and government buses as well. You can directly go to the bus stand and inquire. When you visit the Jaisalmer, I could insist on going to the Tanot Mata temple because it gives a more memorable and devotional trip. Again do not miss the Tanot Mata ki aarti by BSF.

Wind mills on our way to Tanot from Jaisalmer.
Wind mills on our way to Tanot from Jaisalmer

I traveled on a bike to reach the temple and enjoyed a lot viewing an adventure land. You can easily rent a bike from Jaisalmer and road around the town or go to Tanot and come back. It connects the two places that are embellished with windmills and a flock of animals like deer and camels. My trip to the Tanot Mata Temple was fascinating and more devotional than none other. 

Best time to visit Tanot Mata Temple?

The preferable time for visiting the Tanot Mata ka Mandir is between November and February (Winters). Here, the temperature is not high, and the weather is pleasant in these months. March till July months strictly avoidable as it gets too hot. 

In Tanot, the Navratri celebrations perform during April and September, and BSF serves the free lunger. The temple is decorated with beautiful flowers, and a massive number of devotees visit the Tanot Mata Temple from all parts of India. Especially during Navratri.  

Attractions near Tanot Mata Temple

I have also explored other locations near Tanot Mata ka Mandir including Jaisalmer Fort, Thar Desert, Gadisar Lake, Kuldhara, and Thar Heritage Museum. Listing all the places below.

Jaisalmer Fort

Interior of Jaisalmer fort

It would have taken a two-hour drive from Tanot temple to reach Jaisalmer Fort, also called the Golden Fort. The view of a fort mesmerizes me with its gold and yellow sandstones. It had built-in 1156 A.D. by Raja Jaisal and one of India’s largest forts. It is too crowded though. The shop owners inside the fort actually live inside the fort. They are the folks who served the king of Jaisalmer.

Thar Desert

Jaisalmer is a town amidst the desert. Nearby attraction from Tanot includes longewala border and the war museum. I had a chance to visit the border at Tanot and longewala post on my last trip. Check out the vlog below.

Visiting Tanot and Longewala Border

As we all know, the Thar desert is the largest one in India, and let’s experience the beautiful sandstones. I have enjoyed myself there, especially with camel safari, dance performances, night camps, and dune bashing. This was at sam sand dunes near Jaisalmer, do not miss the excellent scenery at sunrise and sunset at this place. The place situates at a distance of 70 km away from the temple. Check out the vlog below.

Sam Sand Dunes

Kuldhara Village

Kudhara Village near Tanot Jaisalmer
Kudhara Village

The location is famous as a ghost town and takes 2 hours from the Tanot temple. Surprisingly, I got to know why it is a so-called ghost town. The state minister in the city Mr. Salim Singh had decided to marry the village chief’s girl. Additionally, he warned that the whole village should suffer the consequences if the proposal rejects. The village people moved away from the place not to agree with the minister’s demand, and the location abandoned not to see the human settlement again. 

Thar Heritage Museum

Thar Heritage Museum
Thar Heritage Museum

You can visit the museum in the primary market only. As I was excited to know the historical things, I went to the museum and learned the culture, history, and architecture structures at the Thar Heritage Museum. However, try not to move away from the museum without experiencing the animated puppet show.

So this was all about the Tanot Mata temple and the places nearby that you can visit on your trip to Tanot Jaisalmer. If you have any questions related to the Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer, please leave them in the comment section below.



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