I wanted to write about SEO keyword themes just after I wrote about content quality. This is because it comes under content writing and is equally important. This might be a little complex but let me give you an insight. Firstly, I would like you to install Search engine tools. The extension or plugin is called as SEOquake.

You just need to create a free account and the plugin gives you a wide variety of SEO metrics. Metrics like DA, PA, rankings, link, social share, and most importantly keyword density. Finding or inducing theme words for SEO is something that no one thinks of. No SEO company will ever tell you to do this. However, this is something that Google takes into account calculating the rankings.

What are the keyword theme words?

Let me give you an example to make you understand better. Let us take a look at the article that I wrote last year. This article is currently on number 7th spot for the keyword “Cycling hashtags”. Now once you install SEO Quake, just click on the option of keyword density. The words and key phrases that I have in the article which are in relation to my focus keywords are called theme words. Look at the screenshot below.

Screen shot showcasing keyword density as explained in  SEO Keyword Themes | Search engine tools
A closely related word like cycling, hashtags, Instagram, cycle, post

If you think about it most of the words in the articles are closely related to each other. Thus forming a logical content that Google bots find worthy of showcasing in the top 10 results. By the looks of it, I have come to a cunclusion that more the theme words around a perticualr keyword, more Google is able to judge the content quality.

I strongly recommend installing search engine tools like SEO Quake to get the keyword density. We do not have to look at the density though, but the keywords or the key phrases that SEOQuake is displaying. Post knowing and researching a lot about how the search engine works, finding theme words for SEO has become an integral part of my content writing.

To sum up SEO Keyword Themes are important while writing content. These will tell Google how good your content is. More close related themewords means that you are an expert in the subject as you know the terminolodgy of the topic you are focusing on. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


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