Before we even begin with the technicalities let’s understand what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is defined as the steps and procedures involved and taken by a webmaster to ensure that the visibility of the page is high in the search engine organic search results. Like for an e.g. in Google search.

Let us also define a few things at the start so that we all keep up with the acronyms.

A webmaster: A webmaster is a person who is responsible for a particular website.

Organic Search Results: These are the listings in the SERP’s (Search engine results page) which are displayed as per merit based on the search item typed in. Now it is very important to differentiate between organic and paid listing.

Paid Listing: The results for which webmasters have paid Google to get their results on top. A paid listing comes on the top of the page and is displayed before the organic results. Embedding an example below.

Paid listings in Google Search: A square box saying AD appears in front of each listing.

There can be several paid listings on the top of the page before organic results. As we’ve already seen that the term SERPs refers to Search Engine Results Pages. These are the search pages of the results you get when you try searching for anything on Google.

Google is now a Verb

Before we go any further I would like to clarify that this training module stresses on Google. Our focus is on and around Google. Google has become synonymous with the term “search engine”. It’s an expression which has found its way into the dictionary as a verb. We keep on hearing from people about googling stuff. Google is the most important place to rank well and if you rank good on google chances are you will rank good in other search engines too.

We will also include a tutorial for people who wanted the article on video. Check out my YouTube channel and specifically the SEO playlist section.

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  1. Search engine optimization has transformed greatly over the period of time. It has now gotten simpler I personally believe current SEOs are more of webmasters and social media marketers. Social Media Marketing has become new SEO it has transformed and Google also sees social signals for determining rankings while links game is perishing quite rapidly as I have witnessed many content pieces getting ranked just on the base of their content without any links.


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