If you are a morning person then Jaipur has a lot to offer. There are a lot of places in and around Jaipur that you can visit in the mornings to get a spectacular view of the pink city. Sun temple in Jaipur is one of the places that early risers love. Suryan Mandir or better called the Sun Temple in Jaipur, Rajasthan is the first man-made structure in the city to get the rays of the sun every morning.

Surya Mandir in Jaipur as called by the locals is located on the route of Galta temple which is also known as monkey temple. In this article, I would elaborate in detail on everything that you need to know including the sun temple Jaipur timings & what please you can visit around the sun god temple in Jaipur.

History of Sun temple in Jaipur

This temple in Jaipur stands on a outcrop on a hill which belongs to Aravalli range.
Sun temple as seen from a nearby hill

Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II and his courtier Diwan Rao Kripa Ram played a significant role in constructing this temple in the 18th century. The temple stands on a rocky outcrop in Jaipur and is a part of the Aravali hills. This is one of the most beautiful heritage temples across the city. I love coming here in the morning as you get a spectacular city view.

If you notice the temple is situated or rather built on the eastern side of the city. This is because the sun rises from the east as we all know.

Furthermore, Jaipur city is built on the guidelines of Sthapatya Veda. This is an ancient system of knowledge that involves the connection between the people and the places where they stay and work. This is also similar to the concept of Feng Shui.

How to reach Surya Mandir in Jaipur

Front view of the temple aka Surya mandir in Jaipur
Front view of the temple

There are a lot of ways to reach the temple. Let me list each one of them.

  • Easily accessible via public transport from all around the city. Local buses are the cheapest option although they are time-consuming considering the city traffic.
  • If you are multiple visitors then it is best to hire a cab to the temple. This is better than traveling in crowded buses especially at these COVID times.
  • Another way of visiting this temple is the fun way which is on a cycle. If you are fond of cycling. You get a cycle on rent and head towards the temple in the morning.

The reason why I mentioned the cycle is because of the fact that there are many trails around the temple on which you can ride your mountain bikes. No road bikes, no hybrids this is a place specifically for mountain bikers.

In fact, the Sun temple in Jaipur is a paradise for mountain bikers. So either you can connect with me for this or check out different cycling groups in Jaipur.

From Galta gate to Surya Mandir

Whatever means of commute you take you are going to reach Galta gate first. From the gate, you need to climb a cobbled pathway all the way to the temple.

This cobbled pathway is 0.71 km long and has an incline grade of 3.5%. This info I wanted to add in case you are a cyclist and want to come to the temple on your bike.

Along the pathway, you will see a lot of small temples. Each one has its own significance. When I go I make a point of spending time in each one of them. Especially if you get a chance to visit the temple in the morning be a part of the “Aarti” that happens. It is mesmerizing.

Sun temple Jaipur timings

The temple opens up at 6 AM and closes at 7 PM. When we go early we usually reach before 7 AM as we do not intend to miss the morning Aarti.

Even though Sun temple Jaipur’s timings are from morning 6 to evening 7, this depends on the season too. In winter make it an hour later in the morning and in the evening come back an hour early. This is for obvious reasons that the nights are longer and days are short.

This place is beautiful but it is packed with wild animals. The temple priests have claimed to have seen leopards and panthers late in the evening. So just make sure that you are back before the dark and don’t stay till late.

Panaromic view of Jaipur city

From this temple, you get to view the most mesmerizing view of the pink city Jaipur. Just to see this view I go to Surya mandir in Jaipur very often.

Panoramic view of Jaipur city from the top of the temple.
Panoramic view of Jaipur city from the top of the Sun temple

Trails around the temple

Trails around the temple
Trails around the temple

This place is ideal for mountain bikers and hikers. It has an abundance of wild trails around which are fun to hike and ride on.

These trails are amazing and even though it gets you a little warmed up and makes you sweat they’re worth it.

Each trail takes you to a point from where you can get the panoramic city view.

For mountain bikers as I said it’s heaven as the trails are fun to ride on around the sun god temple in Jaipur.

Trails around the Surya mandir in Jaipur are fun and a must go for mountain bikers
Riding on the trails around the temple

Summing up about Sun temple in Jaipur

This is a place that is ideal for tourists as this place is away from city noise and the hassle of touts, beggars, or peddlers. You are going to enjoy the place if you are a mountain lover and if you love spending time in peace.

We got to Surya mandir in Jaipur almost every week with our cycling group as we get to witness peace with adrenaline-filled trail riding.

Furthermore, if you love mountains you are going to love this place.

Surya Mandir Video Log

I made a vlog for the temple recently with my cycling buddies. Embedding the link below. Watch and share with your friends and please do not forget to subscribe.

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I got to the sun god temple in Jaipur frequently. So, if there are any questions that you may have, please drop them in the comment section below. I would love to answer them. Thank you for reading the article and I welcome you with an open heart to my city.



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