Most people love mountains, and North India is the home of many hill stations.

Manali is one such hill station flocked by tourists from all over the country. The place is blessed with natural radiance all around, which is reflected in its peaks, lakes, and breathtaking views. With a large tourist influx, Manali has witnessed the growth of many eateries all in and around the city. Café Babushka is a famous and friendly café at Vashisht in Manali.

Many people have visited the café in the past few years and the reviews by the tourists are just the reason you should consider visiting this café when you’re in Manali!

Before I even begin talking about this cafe, look at the drone view from the cafe’s balcony! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

Drone view from the cafe!

Where is Cafe Babushka located?

Manali is one of the most visited places throughout the year. As this place attracts thousands of visitors each year, Manali has become home to numerous eateries and small cafes.

Many residents at Manali own their little restaurants that offer traditional Himachali food and international cuisines.

One of such cafes is Café Babushka. This cafe is located at Leh Manali Highway, Near Hotel Surabhi, Vashisht, Manali. Check the map above for directions.

Vashisht is a small village in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and is famous for its temples and baths.

Vashisht temple close to cafe babushka
This cafe is very close to the Vashisht Temple in Manali

The architecture and detailing of these temples at Vashisht make it a renowned tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh. The village is only a few kilometers away from Manali town and lies to the east of the Beas River.

Vashisht temple is about 2.9kms from Manali, and the road is uphill from the city, running along river Beas. For those visiting Vashisht falls and nearby temples, This cafe is one of the most approachable and welcoming eateries.

How can you reach this cafe?

View at Cafe Babushka
Sitting at the cafe!

Many tourist places are located near Café Babushka on the Leh-Manali Highway. As smooth roads connect the entire neighborhood, it is easy for the tourists to visit Café Babushka and have some relaxing moments.

  • From Jogini Waterfalls: For people who wish to reach Café Babushka from Jogini waterfalls, the place is just 2 km away, which is a small hike.
  • From Vashisht Temple: Vashisht temple is just 200 meters away from Café Babushka, and it takes only 5 minutes to reach the place on foot.
  • From Magic waterfalls: Café Babushka is located only 3 km from the famous Magic waterfalls at Manali. Most people prefer to reach the café on foot, which takes around 20-25 minutes.
  • Hot water springs, Vashisht: Café Babushka is just at a distance of 2 km from the hot water springs. It will take approximately 25 minutes to reach the café on foot.
  • Manali Snow Point: Located at 4 km from Manali Snow Point, Café Babushka is a famous eating joint for many tourists who visit the snow point. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the place by car and 30 minutes on foot.
  • Hadimba Devi Temple: Café Babushka is 5 km away from Hadimba Devi temple. It takes 15 minutes to reach the café by car.

What are the food options available at Cafe Babushka?

The food at the cafe is simply delicious and certainly soothes your tastebuds. Let us look at the most famous food items available;

  • Avocado Toast: This is one of the most famous dishes at Café Babushka. The dish consists of an open sandwich with mashed avocadoes, salt, and pepper. This dish is loved by many tourists and is usually tried with delicious coffee or juice. You can never get enough of this dish!
  • Pizzas: While many food items are available here, pizzas remain a top favorite. With many base and topping options, Café Babushka offers all kinds of pizza made with pure love.
  • Pancakes: No pancakes are too many pancakes! Café serves great pancakes, which indeed caters to your sweet tooth cravings. Café Babushka is just the right place to visit for those who have pancakes as their comfort food.
  • Maggi: What is it like visiting mountains and not having Maggi? It is quite true that the taste of Maggi hits different in the mountains, and Café Babushka makes them taste even better. Café Babushka offers a range of Maggi dishes with varying tastes and spices.
  • Coffee: Coffee is something one cannot miss while visiting the pleasant mountains. Café Babushka’s coffee makes sure to provide you with some warmth in the chilly mountain weather!
  • Sandwich: Café Babushka’s sandwiches are just beyond delicious. For the visitors who prefer eating healthy food, sandwiches are a great choice!
  • French Fries: These are everyone’s favorite. Whether you wish to eat some snacks with your evening coffee or want a side dish with your main course, French fries are for sure a great option. Café Babushka is famous for its crispy and fresh French fries.

View and Ambience

View from the cafe

The cafe is located in the heart of mountains, Manali.

It is pretty known that Manali offers the most breathtaking views throughout the year.

The greenery of the hills and valleys of Manali is unmatched during summers, and the snowfall in winters makes it a winter wonderland. Located in the heart of Vashisht near Manali, Café Babushka is also known for its incredible views.

The hills around the café, with the trees moving in the cool breeze, present calming scenery to the eyes.

The ambiance of the café is unmatched as Café Babushka offers great hippie vibes.

The café hosts many live music events and jams which everyone who visits the café. With great food, super-friendly staff, unique artistic interiors, Café Babushka has become a favorite amongst the localities and tourists.

Café welcomes tourists on all days to try their delicious pastries and coffee and also for munching late-night snacks!

What makes Cafe Babushka a great place?

Bliss for photographers and vloggers!
  • Cozy ambiance: Café is created with a relaxed atmosphere that offers warm vibes to all visitors and compliments the cool weather in the hills.
  • Quality food: The quality of food is unmatched here, and the variety of food options available is large enough to satisfy all your cravings!
  • Feel-at-home vibes: The interiors of the café have been designed as such to give its visitors a home-like environment that makes their meal even more enjoyable.
  • Friendly staff: The staff at Café Babushka always serves the customers in the most humble way possible.
  • Revitalizing atmosphere: One visits the hills to spend some time away from the busy city life. Café Babushka understands the aim of the visitors and helps provide some refreshing vibes!
  • Easy-to-reach place: Café Babushka is just 1 km from the city center. It is also easily reachable from other tourist places in and around the city.
  • Great art and music: The café hosts many live music events, making the visitor’s time at the café even more memorable.

What’s the best time to visit?

Café Babushka is open on all days of the week, in all seasons.

As Vashisht, Manali is visited by people during all months of the year; the café makes sure to serve everybody’s taste needs throughout the year. Café Babushka is the perfect place to enjoy fantastic food with breathtaking views in summers and winters.

What activities can I do near the cafe?

Short hike to Jogini waterfall from the cafe. Follow me on Instagram!

Vashisht is an ancient village near Manali that attracts tourists from all over the country because of traditionally designed temples and refreshing views.

Café Babushka is located at a fair distance from many tourist places in Vashisht. Let us have a look at some of the most famous tourist places near Café Babushka:

  • Visit the hot baths: While visiting Vashisht, hot baths are a must-visit as they offer great refreshing vibes. These are natural springs in the premises of Vashishth Ashram, named after Sage Vashisht, teacher of Lord Rama. The water of these baths is considered to cure many skin diseases.
  • Indulge in photography: If you are a photography enthusiast, the areas in and around Café Babushka are significant for some shots. The heritage of the Vashisht Ashram, the beauty of River Beas, the serenity of the valley, and the distant snowy hills offer picturesque vibes.
  • Go for local shopping: Shopping for something at another place brings memories of the site. The market at Vashisht gives enough souvenir options, including shawls, scarves, caps, and keychains.
  • Visit the Vashisht Temple: Named after Sage Vashisht, the temple is decorated with old carvings and designs. The temple is four thousand years old, although reconstructed in 1992. The temple is located just five minutes away from Café Babushka.


“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” ― Ruth Reichl Café Babushka is a beautiful place for those who wish to relax in the arms of nature. Recommended by many visitors, Café Babushka has become a top-favorite eatery of the area.

Its central location, welcoming staff, great vibes, fantastic food, and beautiful views make it a place worth visiting. Come and satisfy your food cravings!

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