Jaipur to Manali is a road trip that I just can’t say No to. This is because I have a good circle in and around Manali and off-course, the place offers peace and serenity which I am unable to get in the city life.

Manali, one of the most popular tourist attractions in India, is considered a paradise for a variety of reasons. It is no doubt that the beautiful and picturesque landscape of Manali combined with its lustful charm and scenery leaves everyone wanting more. Not only that, it manages to make people fall in love with it at first sight as well. 

Jaipur to Manali – Story Begins

I wanted to go to the mountains taking my bike. But this was a last-minute decision as I thought of renting a bike in Manali itself instead of taking my own bike. If you ever want to rent a cycle you can contact my good friend Akshay Sherpa and for motorcycles, you can connect with Hari Bhai who has a bike rent shop at Mall road.

I am mentioning the contact number for both of my buddies below.

Akshay Sherpa: +91-7807169844

Hari Bhai: +91-98167-05111

We boarded Volvo from Jaipur to Chandigarh. This was the first leg of our journey from Jaipur to Manali.

These are sleeper Volvos with big enough compartments to hold cycles. You do not even have to disassemble them.

Just keep them as it is! PS*: There is no direct bus from Jaipur to Manali. Earlier there used to be, but that bus which was operated by RSRTC has been discontinued because of COVID. Fewer passengers!

We boarded the bus at 9:30 PM in the evening and reached Chandigarh early at 6:30 AM. Now since Chandigarh is close to Manali and the number of travelers is more.

There are a lot of cab operators that can take you to Manali for INR 1000 per person. Luckily we got an Innova with a carrier on top, this was perfect as our bikes were on the career and we were off to Manali.

Jaipur to Manali & popularity of this hill station

Jaipur-To-Manali-The way
Jaipur-To-Manali-The way

Manali, a hill station located on the banks of the beautiful Beas River Valley in Himachal Pradesh, is a place that everyone in India has heard about even if they have not visited it. The reasons for Manali’s popularity are as follows: 

Honeymoon hub

The reason for its immense popularity is that it is the number one honeymoon choice for newlyweds in India. Its serene and panoramic atmosphere is something to experience and behold. 

Tourist attraction

The popular hill station attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world. You can find thousands of people visiting this place each season, and the number keeps growing every year. 


Manali covered in snow
Snow-covered Manali

The consensus among people is to visit Manali during winter, and I wholeheartedly agree as well. The reason for the same is SNOW. I don’t think a lot of people would pass on the idea of playing in the snow and building snowmen unless you are a buzzkill.

A Dream Land 

Manali is a dream place for adventure-loving trekkers and mountain lovers. Nestled between the rocky hills and mountain valleys, Manali captivates the viewer with its never-ending charm.

The lovely rivers, the fog that envelops the atmosphere, and the lingering aroma of the pine trees are all a treat for your senses. 

Jaipur to Manali – Everyone’s hooked!

Manali caters to everyone alike. Yes, it is popular among couples the most, but it caters to every type of traveler out there. Whether you are looking to spend some quality time with your family, looking for isolation, or planning a weekend getaway with your friends, Manali can provide you with all that you need for the moment. 

Best time to visit Manali

Jaipur to Manali - The Stay
Jaipur to Manali – The Stay

The weather in Manali is always pleasant.

Whether it’s winter or summer, the place is never “not seen” without a large number of people taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you are a fan of cold weather, opt for a November to February trip. If you are a fan of summer trips, visit Manali between March and October.

Taking the journey

As fun and exciting as the destination (Manali) is, don’t you think the journey to Manali should be equally fun and exciting. The answer is yes; indeed, the journey to Manali is quite simply lit, fun, and exciting.

Depending on your budget and time, you can decide whether to travel by air, train, or road. 

Options Galore

There are no airports or railway stations in Manali. So, the best option is to consider the closest airport or railway station to Manali. If your budget allows you to take a flight, you should consider boarding the Air India flight from Delhi, which will take you to Bhuntar in Kullu

Bhuntar is the closest airport to Manali, and it is 50 kilometers away from Manali. After reaching Bhuntar, you can take a taxi or some other public transport like the bus to reach Manali. 

How to reach Manali? 

Manali to Jaipur route: If you live in Jaipur, then you must be wondering how to reach Manali from Jaipur. Unfortunately, there is no direct flight or train from Jaipur to Manali.

You have to take a bus or a cab to either Delhi or Chandigarh from Jaipur to reach Manali. 

1. Delhi route – If you choose to take the Delhi route, then you can book a flight with Air India and fly to Bhuntar. Avoid this as I hate getting stuck in Delhi’s traffic.

2. Chandigarh route – If you take the Chandigarh route, then you can board the Himalayan Bulls, and it will take you to Bhuntar airport. Or take a cab from the Chandigarh bus stand.

How to reach Manali by train? 

If you are wondering how to reach Manali by train, you should consider a train that operates between Delhi and Amritsar. Ambala Cantt, which is the closest railway station to Manali, lies on the Delhi-Amritsar route. 

You can take a cab or a bus from Ambala Cantt to get to Manali. As compared to flights, trains are more enjoyable if you are traveling with a large family or a group of friends. Not only is it relatively cheaper but you can also enjoy the window-side sightseeing by train. 

How to reach Manali by road? 

You can also take the road and travel by bus or drive there yourself. The best option would be to hire a cab that can get you all the way to Manali.

Taking a bus is more affordable and convenient. You can find many buses that offer direct routes to Manali from Jaipur and Delhi. Learn more about how to reach Manali from Delhi. 

Delhi to Manali 

The roads of Delhi and Manali are connected through NH-21 and NH-1 highways. Highways are filled with large trucks running up and down the road. 

The drive can be a little rough as a result of that. The drive-by car can prove to be pure bliss as long as you don’t run out of fuel and your rental can stay functional. 

Our Travel Story Continues from Jaipur to Manali

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta. 

As for myself and my friends, we left for Chandigarh from Jaipur late at night by Volvo.

By the next morning, we found ourselves at the Chandigarh bus stand.

Jaipur to Manali Continue

After arriving at Chandigarh, we decided to book a cab to Manali. Manali is about 300 Km away from Chandigarh. 

It took about 8 hours to reach Manali. Along the way, we saw various hotels, religious places, tourist spots, etc. The whole road that connects Bhuntar to Old Manali is just as wicked as the place discussed extensively in this article. 

Arrival at the destination

Jaipur to Manali - Reached Destination
Jaipur to Manali – Reached Destination

Once we arrived in Manali, we immediately checked into our hotel room. There are a lot of fancy hotels for accommodation to choose from. If you are tight on budget, you can even avail something more affordable and financially convenient.

If you are someone who loves “luxury” more than anything, the place offers hotels that would exceed your expectations. 

Luckily we had a friend who runs a cafe by the name of Cafe Babushka in Vashisht, so we kinda bunked there for two days.


After checking in at the cafe and getting fresh, we went sightseeing. We roamed through the old streets of Manali. The lovely fragrance that the beautiful morning of Manali exudes is truly captivating and blinding.

Jaipur To Manali scenic-beauty


We went to see the local monasteries and temples of Manali. I can’t forget the feeling of experiencing this spiritual side of Manali as it was truly a sight that will forever be etched in my memory. As Chief Seattle once said, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” 


We also grabbed something to eat at one of the traditional cuisine restaurants at Old Manali. We enjoyed the local cuisine and the scrummy treats served by the restaurant. 


It is impossible to not think of Rohtang Pass when thinking of Manali. Rohtang Pass is the most popular spot that people love to visit in Manali but make no mistake, as it is also the most dangerous spot in Manali.

Jaipur to Manali - Rohtang Pass
Jaipur to Manali – Rohtang Pass

To say that Rohtang Pass is a phenomenon is an understatement as the journey to the snow-capped mountains is not for the faint-hearted. 


The term “Rohtang” means “ground of corpses”. Countless people have died crossing the mountains in the past, which brings us to our previous warning. This is not for the faint-hearted. 

A challenging trip

Bikers and adventure lovers who love to take on a challenge will certainly fall in love with Rohtang Pass as it offers them exactly what they seek. Rohtang Pass is the perfect example of a challenging trip.

The name does little to deter people from making the journey as the place is flocked by an endless number of people just the same. I did a bike trip some time back, check out this video.

The Danger

Rohtang Pass is open to the public during the summers, but it is less accessible during winters due to the increased risk. The roads can get slippery; the fog can make things difficult, and the curvy roads, along with the harsh weather, make Rohtang Pass during winters extremely dangerous. 

The Reward 

It is easier to face the challenge during the summer as the risk is significantly reduced. The thrill and excitement associated with this trip are certainly worth it, as a result, is the fresh mountain air and the breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains. 


Solang Valley, which is exactly 13 kilometers from Manali, with its stunning snow-covered mountains, elegant pine trees, and breathtaking glaciers, is extremely popular among ski enthusiasts. People from all over the world come to enjoy skiing in the snow-covered mountains.

Jaipur to Manali - Solang Valley
Solang Valley

The scenes such as this make you wonder how small and insignificant we human beings are in the face of nature. As Gustave Flaubert once said – “Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”  It truly makes you appreciate the tiniest things in life.  


Solang Valley is another “not-to-be-missed” spot in Manali. The picturesque landscape of Solang Valley with its blue skies, snow-white mountains, green pine vegetation is certainly a sight to experience and behold. Its immense beauty remains unmatched from everything. 


The valley, located between Beas Kund and Solang Village, offers visitors the peace and tranquility they desire. Case in point, it is the perfect place for meditation, in my opinion. 

Winter sports

Other than that, it is widely popular for winter sports activities such as skiing, as mentioned above, mountaineering, rafting, and paragliding. The entire view of the mountain and the skies as you paraglide is inexpressible. People also love to camp among the green meadows of the mountain.  

All adventure lovers will attest that there is nothing more adrenaline-pumping than experiencing nature at its finest. As Paul Coelho once said – “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal” There is nothing sadder than missed opportunities in life. 

The Bottom Line

In all its glory, Manali is a complete package in and of itself. All the nearby locations and “must-see” spots complement its beauty ten-fold. The tourists flock to this place all year round.

Newlyweds love spending their honeymoon in Manali, essentially making it a honeymoon hub for young couples. The mountains, snow, valley, waterfalls, rivers, trees all create a sensation that is enough to send shivers down your spine.

Manali is a place that accepts and caters to everyone’s demands alike. It is everything people say it is, and it certainly lives up to its hype.

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