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Do you know that Jaipur holds a festival for food which happens every now and then in the city? Stay tuned for more on this festival. it is one of a kind, and to everyone traveling to Jaipur, I recommend attending Jaipur food festival. We Indian’s love to eat. It would not be wrong if I say that we Indian’s live to eat. In this section, I would share mouth-watering delicacies from around the world. I am a sucker for non-vegetarian food. Now coming from a conservative Brahman family it’s tough to even write about the stuff that I love. However, breaking all the social stigma’s I think writing about the stuff that I love the most makes more sense. So this is me a food blogger bringing you the best places around me for chow, where you can get your taste buds relished. Check out these amazing food joints in Jaipur.

“And when it comes to food always remember”

The main reason we choose a particular food is that we like the way it tastes. We don’t eat blueberries because they”re an excellent source of antioxidants. We eat them because they taste good. Now being a resident of Jaipur, known as the famous pink city, let me take you to streets where awesome food is served. This category will have all the famous spots in Jaipur which are known for their amazingly delicious food. These food joints in Jaipur are not only famous for their food, but for their hospitality too.

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