Before I start, this is not an attempt to mislead anyone. I am just clicking pictures and keeping facts in front of everyone. I am not in favor or against any political party. Sharing what I see happening around me and most of which frustrates me to the core. I stay in Jaipur, so I am going to tell you about the lockdown in Jaipur 2021 imposed by the state government.

Lockdown in Jaipur today marks the 4th day when most of the things are shut. This article will also be synced with the lockdown in Jaipur news figures. Read more about Jaipur on my blog. So keep on checking this article for regular updates. Lockdown in Jaipur, timing is from, well usually starts at 5 AM and ends at 8 PM. Before I take you further, look at the alarming COVID-19 stats below.

Alarming COVID-19 Stats

Let us talk about Covid-19. Over 185,000 dead just in India. If we talk about the world that figure goes to 3,075,916 dead and counting. Check the real-time COVID-19 stats here. If you look at the % at such an immense level almost 0.01% of our country has been wiped out by COVID-19. The world has lost 0.4% of the population as an effect of this virus. Let us come back to the point i.e lockdown in Jaipur and the ugly truth.

Lockdown in Jaipur today

Today is April 23rd, 2021, as usual, I am going to my office. Most of you wondering why am I not following the lockdown. This is because I work in an IT firm. As per the last “Lockdown in Jaipur 2021 guidelines” IT companies and IT-enabled services/firms are exempted from this lockdown. For more detailed guidelines refer to this PDF I am embedding below that comes directly from the government source. You can download the PDF and share it with your friends so everyone is aware of the guidelines and work in tandem with the authorities.

So, now you know why I am out of my home during these tough times. So I got out of my house and drive towards my office. Due to this COVID-19 situation, I am avoiding going on my bike. I love riding the bike more than driving a car. I guess I need to wait some more time to get back on my Royal Enfield Bullet.

So, now you know why I am out of my home during these tough times. So I got out of my house and drive towards my office. Due to this COVID-19 situation, I am avoiding going on my bike. I love riding the bike more than driving a car. I guess I need to wait some more time to get back on my Royal Enfield Bullet.

Lockdown in Jaipur news! What media reports.

I hate these media wars. In other words, half of the news these days is just manufactured. Journalism is dead, sensationalism is what is prevailing in today’s world. Half of them are supported by the ruling party the other half by the opposition and they keep on spreading fake news and a very minute fragment of real news. Exactly, what is happening on the national level too.

The media’s narrative is a little different they just tell you about the lockdown in Jaipur its timing. Most of the news articles online did not mention the complete guidelines. No clue why?

Let me show you the truth, what’s actually happening on the roads of Jaipur when the lockdown is in place. Lockdown in Jaipur today or be it any days is a joke and authorities have completely failed at every narrative.

Essential Services to Stay Open

The government nodded and said yes for the essentials shops to be opened. I have absolutely no clue if “Alcohol” is essential too? Liquor shops are opened till 5 PM. It was quite inevitable since government gets a lot of money from liquor selling.

A big NO to the social distancing

This wine shop got my attention as evident there seems to be no concept of social distancing here. The government doesn’t care about you they care about the money they make. Wink 🙂 This is an essential service though, if not for you then I am sure for others.

Lockdown in Jaipur timing

The time of the lockdown keeps on changing every now and then. Starting Monday the essential services will be open from 6 AM in the morning till 11 AM. Rest of the time everything will be closed. There is another guideline that was released a day before.

What ever be the timings, people out side has no affect or fear of COVID as folks without masks can be seen very often.

lockdown in Jaipur today April 2021 lockdown in Jaipur 2021
Sitting in public transport without mask

It is lockdown in Jaipur today, I went outside to get some stuff and you can see people gathered in groups and not adhering to the guidelines set. Whatever may be the reason, these daredevils need to get their head in the right place. Coz if this continue they will end up in hospital fighting for their life blaming the government.

Lockdown in Jaipur News

News seems to be faulty and baseless. Authentic news is dead and what you get to read or hear is just made up news. Lockdown in Jaipur 2021 has made us realize that the problem is not with the government or the news. It is with us! Look at the images below and you see will see why COVID is spreading not because of government but us.

Seems like daily wage workers do not understand the seriousness here.

Daily wage workers are worst hit during COVID times. Most of the deaths that you are hearing about in the news is mostly with the people who work daily wages. They go out and work and are more likely to get infected. We should have prepared for this a long time ago. Complete system failure.

This madness needs to be stopped

Summing Up

The next coming days are going to be crucial. Wear your masks and avoid going in public. I would have to go out and work as IT companies are being exempted from this lockdown. Having said that not taking any chances the office premises is properly sanitized and we are keeping a strict check on the employees coming to office. I will be posting regular updates and my finding here about lockdown in Jaipur 2021 & timings. If you have any questions related to lockdown in Jaipur please let me know in the comments will try to answer them. Furthermore, be safe and stay at home.



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