Making money is always difficult. Especially when you are leaving all the boring corporate stuff behind and are in pursuit of or hobbies. I left my job 2 years back. Since then I have blogged a lot, and created over 100 videos of my hobbies. This is one of my primary source of income, and in this post, I would explain as to how you can “Make Money Online”. 

My videos on YouTube mainly belong to the field of Travel, Cycling, Photography & Fitness. These things which defined me were almost gone when I jumped into an abyss of making money. My daily scheduled started by dragging myself from the bed and going to an office which I hated, but since I had no choice, I had to keep on doing it.

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Corporate Office Was Not My Cup Of Tea

I felt disgusted and unhappy waking up every morning. I knew I had to do something which did not make me happy.

As a result of which I started staying under pressure, had anxiety issues, was depressed all the time.

After 9 years I was an obese 30-year-old guy. Social life was gone and personal life was devastated, this is exactly what working for something that you don’t feel is great, does to you.

The Idea To Make Money Online

The idea to make money online is great. However, it takes a lot of time and patience.

When I started blogging I was making a dollar a day. Yes, you heard it right, a dollar a day! However, with patience and time, I was able to increase this income.

The income gain was 50% more than the increment which I used to get in my previous companies.

There are a number of ways by which you can make money online, however, it does take a lot of time and patience. Listing all the ways below for beginners.

Ways To Make Money Online


You would be surprised to know that the top blogging sites like HuffPost make $18 Million a month. It just did not stop here, the American giant AOL purchased HuffPost in a rocking deal of $315 Million. Now the current estimated value of this blogging site has crossed $1 billion marks.

However, it took them time and a lot of planning to get here. Similarly, if you have a flair for writing and blogging, you can make money through this innovative online business. However, it has now become tough as the number one ads serving platform Google Adsense has tightened it’s rules when it comes to placing ads on blogging sites.


Again stressing the point that Adsense has now made guidelines very strict for content creators online.

This is because there were a lot of content creators who were making content that was not apt for the people watching them.

Because of which YouTube did major changes in their monetization policies this year. You can watch a complete video below or by clicking the link which takes you to the post which I made for YouTube policies.

Affiliate Marketing

After the blogging culture made its way in making money online, the affiliate business popped up. 

It simply means that If I own a business and someone brings a customer through his reference, he/she gets a commission amount when the customer purchased the product or service.

In Lehman’s terms. Further explaining, I am’s affiliate partner and whenever anyone visits my blog or watches my videos on my YouTube Channel, and clicks on the Amazon link, I get a commission out of whatever the visitor purchases. However, this takes time as your audience will take time to build and the clicks on the links would be less at the start.

Become A freelancer worker

I prefer this as the payout is good and then I get to work according to my terms and time. I make websites that are right now a good business to make money. Normally a developer who works for any firm makes a limited amount of money. However, when you work as a freelancer developer the scope of money being generated is more. The net profit comes to you. However, it does take a little time to develop a profitable clientele.

Way’s Above!

The 4 ways to make money above are the most efficient and once your blog, or channel or affiliate audience grows the returns are substantial. This is how I have been making my money to travel, cycle, and pursue my passions.

In case you have any more ways to earn online please mention in the comments below. Let’s get another source of income.

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