SEO Guide For the Year 2021 & Beyond

let us talk about SEO 2021 and beyond. I am sure that everyone who has a web presence these days is familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I always thought of starting a new section on my blog about the web rankings and getting people familiar with popularizing their content. So here is a complete section of SEO guide 2021 for my avid readers. First, let’s talk about page ranking, and let’s deep dive into the ocean of search engines. This module is lengthy and filled with complete information about search optimization. So please hold on to your horses and be patient.

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Page Rank, is it relevant?

To keep things simple it is important to understand page ranks. So before we take you to the index of the SEO guide 2021, we wanted to shed some light on page ranks. Every page on the internet has something called a “Page Rank”, named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page. Page rank is the algorithm that is used by Google search to rank the web pages in the search engine page results or commonly known as SERP’s.

It is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. A new page will have a PR 0. Actually, it won’t be zero, but ”Unranked”, which is very close to zero. Please note that Google may still index unranked pages.

How does page rank work?

When page ‘A’ links to page ‘B’, page ‘B’ gets an increase in its PR that is a proportion of the PR on page ‘A’. If “A” has a page rank of zero, then page “B” gets a very little additional PR. However, if page “A” has a PR of let’s say 8 then page B gets a huge boost in its page ranking. If a page has a lot of incoming links, it gathers PR from each of those pages. Thus making it more important and better-ranked when it comes to SEO.

For many years the above concept was debated and discussed. It was a measure of how important a page was for Google. The Google search engine also provided a search bar to webmasters. Webmasters just have to put the link in the search bar and see the PR of a page.

For many webmasters, SEO was a game of chasing PR. Getting more backlinks from high ranked sites was the only thing that mattered.

Current Strategy for SEO 2021 and beyond

Google has slowly distanced itself from the PR concept. They even have stopped updating their PR search bar. Google PR tool does not even tell you the PR nowadays. This is because Google just doesn’t want the SEO dependency to be on one factor. The last update on PR and the PR search bar was in the year 2013. So webmaster who currently think that getting backlinks to get your PR high. Please think again.

The official statement from Google

In October 2014, Google’s John Mueller said…

“We are probably not going to be updating it {Page Rank} going forward, at least in the toolbar page rank”

PR is still important to Google that’s the reason “probably” is being used, but they don’t want people to know it upfront. It just doesn’t want webmasters to have too much control over their web pages by telling them about their PR.

Now that we have cleared the concept of PR, let’s get to the index of this SEO guide 2021. We have broken the module into each subsection for better understanding.

Index – SEO 2021 and beyond

  1. What is Page Rank (PR), Does it still matter?
  2. What is SEO? Why is SEO necessary?
  3. Personalized search results
  4. On-page factors in SEO
  5. Off-page factors in SEO
  6. Google’s battle for survival – EMD & PMD
  7. Meta keywords tags
  8. Exact Domain Match. Does it work?
  9. Domain & Page Authority 
  10. What is link building?
  11. How to create a sitemap and submit in Google search console
  12. Create SEO friendly URLs
  13. Panda Update (Year 2011)
  14. Penguin Update (Year 2012)
  15. Hummingbird Update (Year 2013)
  16. Payday loan Update 2.0 (Year 2014)
  17. Mobile-friendly Update (Year 2015)
  18. Possum Update from Google (Year 2016)
  19. Google Broad Core Update 2020
  20. Types of SEO techniques
  21. How does CDN help website speed?
  22. How to optimize PDF’s for Google Search
  23. Four Pillars of Modern SEO
    1. Quality of content
    2. Site Organization
    3. Build an Authority Website
    4. Website Speed and how it is important for SEO. (GTMETRIX VS PINGDOM VS WEBPAGETEST)