Transporting Bicycle In India Safely To Your Travel Destination

I am going to Manali, the whole world knows by now. LMAO! I toggled almost few hundred articles. Articles related to bicycle transport in India. Unfortunately did not find much help. Internet sometimes sucks. It really does. I talked to a lot of my friends who are into bike packing. Transporting Bicycle in India is sure a headache. If you do not know the correct procedure. Now that I have searched every nook and corner of transportation Industry. I am writing this article for your guys.

There are quite a few ways by which you can transport your bicycle in India. I am mentioning all of them.

Transporting Bicycle By Train

Transporting Bicycle in Train
Transporting cycle by train! Err Not like this though!

I love bus journeys. However, when you have to go through multiple states to reach your destination, Also when the commuting distance is more than 2000 KM’s plus Train should be preferred.


  1. Firstly carry your train ticket with you.
  2. A bike as a parcel is booked for transport when you are traveling from source destination to final source destination. No breakage in between, no changing trains, else they will not book it.
  3. A day prior to your travel, go to the train parcel office which is adjoining the train station. Booking is done in a matter of few minutes, you just have to share your PNR number with a very efficient computer system. I did not get the amount deciding factor, but you pay a rupee for each kilometer.
  4. Furthermore, Wrap the bike carefully in order to avoid getting your bike damaged.
  5. Make sure you keep the receipt given by the parcel station safe. You won’t get your bike without showing your receipt.
  6. Now go home and sleep, board the train next day and travel to your destination. Your parcel might arrive on the same train or some other train. There is no fixed departure time for your parcel.
  7. You will get SMS notifications of your parcel, but being Indian systems they are bound to fail. Keep a track of your parcel by talking to parcel inquiry.
  8. If your parcel arrives and you are not there to pick it up. They will throw the parcel in the stockade and 250 INR per day will be charged if you do not pick your parcel.

“This is too savage to be true, but what to do, It’s Indian Railways”

Transporting Bicycle By Airplane

Transporting Bicycle on a plane
Bicycles on a plane.

Transporting your bike by flight is preferred when you are going for cycling tour outside your country. Also when you do not want to waste too much time traveling. Since I was planning on doing this I began searching for the information related to this.

  1. Different airlines have different rules when it comes to transporting bicycles. Few airlines would tell you to wrap the cycle in a clear plastic bag. Phew in India, which is hard to find. Few airlines will tell you to dismantle the bike and pack it in a cardboard box.
  2. Although if you are going to places like Leh, where people love cycling the authorities and airport staff are very courteous and helpful. So then there is not going to be any issues while transport. The charges you will have to check at the check-in counter.
  3. This is the best way to transport other than you cant really see how your baggage will be handled.

“A good way of reducing travel time and transporting your bicycle to your destination. Different airlines have different luggage rules, please read through it. It will help you”

Transporting Bicycle By Bus

Transporting Bicycle on a bus
Bicycle transport by Bus!

I am going to Manali by Volvo bus. This luxury liner is super comfortable and when it comes to baggage, it has ample amount of space. I along with my friend will pack my bike in a cycle bag and then I will transport it to Manali. I found this the most preferred way of transportation. Reasons being….!

  1. My ticket is on 18th May 2018, and I do not have to go a day before to book a space for my bike, unlike train.
  2. I will transport the cycle on the same bus, in which I will be traveling.
  3. The transportation cost is little less than 400 INR for a trip to Manali, which is 18 hours journey. Little over 800 KM’s from Jaipur.
  4. Anytime I can check the safety of my bike whenever bus comes to a halt.
  5. Furthermore, I will set the cycle my self in the luggage space of the Volvo to avoid any mishap.

Summing Up

I found the most secure and safe way of transporting bicycles is, in fact, a bus. Your cycle is near you all the time and then you can check on it whenever the bus comes to a halt. However, with extra precautions and packing your bike efficiently you can transport it on a plane and lastly, I would recommend a Train. (Most unsecured-high damage chances)

“It’s you bike, please take care of it and it will take of you”

Now as most of you know that I am going to Manali this week, and I will publish daily articles, Vlogs, and pictures. Please stay tuned to get all the updates and share the content. My aim of writing this content is to inspire people to take up cycling not just in the daily commute but to try backpacking too.

Professionals Bike Packers: Please feel free to add anything in case I have missed in the comment section. I will update the article giving full credits to you. 

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Leave the comments and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

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Happy cycling!

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  1. Hi! I can only comment on the train bit! Your information on this is the information I read on line and duly followed… only to be told that my bike had to arrive with me on the day of travel and be booked in 3hrs prior to departure. Travel day arrives … i ask if luggage can remain on the bike … i am grudgingly told it can and to pack the saddle and panniers. Cloth sacks and stitching complete, panniers secure, i return to complete paperwork only to have a different person tell me to remove all baggage in spite of having paid for the privilege of having it all neatly wrapped (100rs). I have to point out I’m not in the best humor as I’m very sick so grumble and sweat my way through the booking paperwork. A photocopy of the owners passport is required … be sure to have that or another trip out will be needed *sweat grumble grumble*.
    Finally a payment of 75rs is made for the 27hr (delayed) journey from Varanasi to Pathankot and my beloved cycle is deposited at the parcel office of said station whilst I struggle to get all my panniers across the footbridge.
    All is well, she is unscathed and I present my documents, sign the very large ledger and set her her up for a short jaunt to the bus station where more fun ensues getting her onto the bus roof and secured to my exacting standards. Phew…
    Final thought … information is knowledge but its no substitute to talking the people on the ground because processes change like the wind and you either go with the flow or get drowned by it!! Expect the unexpected!!


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