One of the always talked about subject when it comes to making cycling videos. Which is the “Best Action Camera Mount” that helps in creating neat videos while using adobe premiere pro as a video editor for GoPro footage. I struggled for a long time with the stability of my videos, most of them were pretty shaky and vague until my friend told me about the chest mount for my GoPro camera.

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Video editor and chest mount for GoPro

The chest mount is by far the most stable mount for any action camera available in the market. Since the time I started cycling, I was always fond of capturing my rides, not just on Strava but on videos as well. So I started making cycling VLogs on my YouTube channel. I am always on a hunt for “Best Action Camera Mount” for my rides.

Why Is The Chest Mount Best For Making Videos?

When you are cycling or running or a matter of fact doing any physical activity that requires the use of your leg, your chest is the most stable part of your body. Since the movement of your chest is very less, it is by far the most stable part of your body under extreme and intense physical activity. You action camera will be completely stable and the videos will have more stability.

Pro’s & Con’s Of Using Chest Mount Harness

let me list down the pro’s and con’s of using the chest mount harness, so you know what are you gaining and what are you losing.


  • it is damn easy to operate the action camera as it’s within the reach of your hands.
  • Since it’s on your chest, it leaves your hands free, unlike the wrist mount that some of us use.
  • it fit’s everyone whether you are 4 feet or up to 8 feet, the harness comes with multi-adjustable clips.


  • You will be stuck with one angle and, you cant aim it at you, or at any other angle for that matter. So limited angle scope!
  • One of the issues with this super comfortable tool is that it’s close to your clothes. So it takes up a lot of external noises like the wind. So if you plan to use it with high speed or at a windy place, the video could be pretty noisy and need some editing at the end.

Summing Up

I use a video editor and mostly now when I upload the videos on my YouTube channel, they are edited. So the external noise part is reduced by the editor. As far as stability is concerned this mount is the best and I love using it on my rides. It is totally your call if you want to capture the POV angle of the front or show different angles.

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Do you have any experiences with The chest harness? Share it in the comments!

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