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Music while cycling rules to obey on a ride

Music while cycling

Needless to say, I love listening to music on my rides. It’s been over a year, I picked up cycling and I usually go on a ride with my favorite tracks buzzing in my ears. However, I do obey five different music listening rules while riding with my buddies. Music while cycling is good, but only when it’s at a lower volume and kept in check. Also, let me tell you some hacks to listen to music while cycling without getting distracted. Light music while cycling while cycling will not hurt. It does when you crank up the volume and do not pay attention to passing traffic.

Does Light Music while cycling helps?

There might be a difference of opinion here and few people might not agree with me. However I love my music on the ride, it makes me ride happier, faster, and harder. I put in a lot of effort as compared to the time when I am not listening to music. In other words, I think music is an approved drug to enhance the performance of any physical activity. It really works for me!

My 5 Rules Of Music Listening While cycling!

  1. Unless you are on a trainer/treadmill you can use a single earbud buddy. There are many companies that provide a single bud for listening to music. For music junkies who can’t pedal without music, would advise them to use the single earbud. Furthermore, If you have two earbuds take one of them out, especially from the traffic side. Like the way, I use my earbud in the picture above.
  2. There exist a 60/60 rule as advised by a lot of doctors. The idea is to limit the volume of the headphones to 60 decibels and limited to 60 minutes a day. Anything more than this could damage your hearing. Fact: Normal human beings talk between 40 to 60 decibels, and most headphone’s maximum volume is around 105 decibels.
  3. Try if you can use portable Bluetooth speakers instead of headphones. There are multiple places on your bike where you can mount these little speakers. They are loud, but not loud enough to distract you.
  4. There are few events where listening to music while riding is prohibited. It is done for considering specific conditions and environments. So if the organizers say that we are not jamming today, please obey the rules.
  5. When I ride with my friends the intensity of the music is almost nill. Sometimes I take out my earbuds and don’t listen to music even though I love listening to music on my rides. This is because social rides as the name suggests are the rides where you enjoy the company of others. I would not like to be called anti-social just because I am a rude idiot with earbuds stuffed in and not talking to anyone. That’s rude in any language buddy!

Professional’s take on listening to Music while cycling

music while cycling in city and what professionals say about this
Music while cycling in city

“Music is a booster but not with an exercising regime rather it’s a hindrance to the natural flow. Though the rules are perfect only where one has no control over himself. Your favorite music raises the adrenaline to get a better output but compromises on the safety which I would personally say big ‘NO’ to anyone using earbuds to hear while riding. Can be done in a controlled environment but not on Indian Roads”. “An Avid cyclist”

Summing up on hacks to listen to light music while cycling!

So that is my take on “Music Listening Rules” while riding. If you agree then please leave a comment, if you have more points to add, please leave a comment. Lastly, if you do not agree with my 5 rules, even then leave a comment. It is fun to communicate always.

Having said that, I try to avoid music while cycling in city areas. These areas are red zone and jam packed with traffic and you might miss a horn sound or two. So music is ok for me when on the state highways but in city its a no go. Plus I keep the volume in check so that passing traffic is easily heard.

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  1. True , looks very old fashion when you mix music and ride with your buddies and giving importance to the music. Second one when you keep silence then you can listen pure music that is nada. Google the word nada and feel the sense

    • I do not give importance to music while on a ride with buddies. Only when I am riding solo for longer distance then I bring in some tracks to pump up my ride. I googled and “Nada” makes complete sense.

  2. I think you’ve found a good middle ground between enjoyment and safety. I’m a little surprised at the 60/60 rule. If you bump down the decibels can you listen longer? Also, how do you know what decibel is set to?

    • I usually do not listen to music on full volume. I keep the volume high enough to let me enjoy the track and let me also know if there is any incoming squid. 60/60 rule was suggested by my friend who is a doctor, however, it is very difficult to keep a track of music volume and time. Also knowing the decibels is not an option as most of the music listening equipment does not come with any such measuring grade system.


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