The Pink City Jaipur is known for its creative structures like the Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Amber Fort, and many other historical places. This city of beautiful sites also has savory flavors that they serve on a platter. Be it the traditional Rajasthani dish like Dal Bati Choorma or any other lip-smacking food like kachori, dabeli, rolls, noodles, momos, chaats, or bhel puri, this famous street food in Jaipur are worth trying.

Jaipur has a whole lot of variety of sweets, spicy, tangy, and irresistible food.

When at Jaipur, you can find street food almost everywhere. Street food in Jaipur brings a lot of foodies to the city. There are certain food spots from where you must try the Jaipur famous street food if you are a tourist or new to this city. I have listed out some of the best street food in Jaipur that will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji at Pandat Pao Bhaji in Jaipur, street food in Jaipur
Pav Bhaji at Pandit Pao Bhaji in Jaipur

When we talk about the best street food in Jaipur, the only thing that comes to my mind is a plate full of Pav Bhaji with evenly cooked spices and veggies. Thinking of the pav dipped in bhaji and chopped onion with it, the thought itself is mouth-watering, but if you taste it in person, you will revisit this place for sure.

The aroma of the food itself draws you to this food spot if you are anywhere nearby. The best part about this classic Indian food, served by them, is that they offer at a very nominal rate.

  • Best Place to Try – Pandit’s Pav Bhaji near Birla Mandir, JLN Marg, Tilak Nagar

Masala Chowk

In Masala Chowk you get the most iconic street food in Jaipur
In Masala Chowk, you get the most iconic street food in Jaipur

This place is a one-stop food spot and one of the best street food places in Jaipur to satisfy all your cravings. Located near Albert Hall, this place serves almost all kinds of food. They have recently opened another branch at Jagatpura near Haldi Ghati marg.

Rich with culture and spices, the items include Chole Bhature, Dosa, Uttapam, Jalebi, and the list goes on. There is a common sitting area to dine in with your friends and family, and gradually this has turned out to be a regular hangout spot for the people of Jaipur.

  • Location –  At the Ram Niwas Garden or the Ram Niwas Bagh, Landmark Albert Museum

Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori is very famous street food in Jaipur
Pyaaz Kachori is a very famous street food in Jaipur

When looking for the best street food places in Jaipur, you should not miss the Pyaaz Kachori. You can have this Pyaaz Kachori as a snack too or even in your breakfast. This food spot also serves dal kachori, samosa, aloo bonda, Mirchi vada, and varieties of sweets.

It is a renowned food outlet and also known as Rawat ki Kachori for the local people. And visiting this place once and trying their amazing pyaaz kachori will be worth it if you are in Jaipur.

  • Best Place to Try – Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, Sindhi Camp

Pani Puri

Pani Puri in Jaipur is a loved street food in Jaipur
Pani Puri in Jaipur is the most loved street food in Jaipur

The spicy and tangy combination of Pani Puri is a flavorful experience and almost everyone’s favorite food. You can never say no to it. Once you start having the rounds of Pani Puri, you will forget your dieting regime.

One of the best street food places in Jaipur to try, and with different flavors of Chutney to go with it. And if you love the delicious and spicy Pani Puri, you should visit this place for once if you visit Jaipur because they serve Pani Puri at pocket-friendly rates.

  • Best Place to Try – Chawlas, located at Fashion Street, Raja Park or the vendors in front of Birla Mandir.

Kadhi Kachori

Kadi Kachori in Jaipur is favorite morning breakfast
Kadi Kachori in Jaipur is my favorite morning breakfast.

Do not miss this place as it is one of the best street food places in Jaipur. It is a delicious fusion of Rajasthani food as well as the hunger savior. You can find these Kachoris almost anywhere in Jaipur, and if you want to taste the best, I have a suggestion for the same. While on a trip with your friends and family, do try out this combo. I love this combination of Kadhi Kachori because of the richness in flavor the aroma of the spices, and it did satisfy my craving for a portion of spicy food, and it was finger-licking good.

Tip: The best time to enjoy this food is during the monsoon, as we all crave Food with A View.

  • Best Place to Try – Opposite to Amer Fort

Cold Coffee

cold coffee in Jaipur
Cold coffee in Jaipur

Want to go on a coffee date with yourself, friends, or family? These places will be the right choice for a Coffee Date. If you are looking for famous street food in Jaipur, add these places to your list for the best coffees.

Some stalls offer a variety of Cold Coffee, and you should try them while you are out with your friends in the evening. The street lights, the atmosphere, the place, and the view are something that you would never want to miss.

  • Best Place to Try – The GVD Cafe at Malviya Nagar behind World Trade Park, which is also known as WTP, and near the Statue Circle.


Omelette in Jaipur at Sanjay Omlette
Omelet in Jaipur at Sanjay Omelet

If you are thinking of a rich diet or searching for the best street food places in Jaipur, you must try the variations of omelets available here.

It is a perfect food jam session you can have with your friends, and especially during the winter season because we all crave spicy food more during this season. And this place is perfect for you with varieties of omelet and chutneys.

Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls at Al bake in Jaipur
Kathi Rolls at Al bake in Jaipur

Something that you should not miss if you are at Jaipur. The mouth-watering platter of Chicken rolls and Biryani is worth the price you pay for it. You can choose from a variety of Kathi rolls available at this place.

  • Best Place to Try – Al Bake, M.I. Road

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka in Jaipur
Paneer Tikka in Jaipur

Paneer Tikka – the vegetarian delight is almost loved by everyone. And the art of mixing the right spices and herbs to make this dish a perfect Paneer tikka that triggers your taste buds in Jaipur is mastered by a very few food outlets. These outlets also offer various chutneys and sauces to add more flavors to this dish.


Momos in Jaipur
Momos in Jaipur

The street food list here is incomplete without having momos in the list. This tempting and spicy delight with different types of stuffing is loved by all and is one of the famous street food in Jaipur. A plate full of steaming hot momos served with red sauce and mayonnaise is a treat to your hunger.

  • Best Place to Try – Lane 4, Raja Park

Summing up the best street food places in Jaipur

Apart from the rich culture and architectural beauties, Jaipur has some best street foods.

The above listed were a few of the best street food places in Jaipur. And if you love this place, you will love the classic street food in Jaipur. So next time when you visit Jaipur, do not forget to visit these food spots for a delicious munching session. if you have any query do drop a comment below. If you are a tea lover check out my article on famous places to enjoy chai in Jaipur.



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