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Amer fort In Pink City Jaipur On Cycle

Cycling at Amer for tin Jaipur
Amer Fort In Jaipur!

Today I somehow got up at 5 AM. I’ve been trying and after my Manali Trip, my cycling schedule got a bit disturbing. It’s like the feeling when you don’t cycle for a week or two and then you suddenly fall into that lethargy trap. I decided to break this lazy schedule with a cycle ride to Amer Fort. If you feeling the same then check out my article on how to get back to cycling after a long break.

Waking Up Early

Morning at Jalmahal in Pink City Jaipur! Heading to Amer Fort!
Morning at Jalmahal in Pink City Jaipur! Shot on Canon

Jaipur is too cold these days. Having said that in summers it gets pretty hot too. You can read my article on how to cycle in extreme temperatures. The best time for cycling is early in the morning. So I woke up after 5 unsuccessful attempts of snoozing my alarms. I had literally set 5 alarms starting from 5 AM till 6 AM. So got up and got ready. Took out my bike, had a sandwich. Never go out cycling empty stomach. Started pedaling my Merida, the idea was to reach Sanganeri gate at 6 AM.

From Malviya Nagar, it’s a pretty simple route that I take, all the way through JLN Marg. It took me about 30 minutes approximately to reach the Sanganeri gate. For folks cycling from the nearby areas where I live there are multiple meeting points. One is Saras Dairy, the second is Birla Mandir and then all the way to Sanganeri gate where most of the cyclists meet. Especially the cyclists who want to try the insane climb of Nahargarh or go all the way to Amer fort.

Meeting My Ride Buddies

This article tells you about my journey from my home to Amer fort which is a popular tourist destination. I went on my cycle.
One rainy morning at Sanganeri Gate!

I reached the point of meet roughly around 6:05 AM. Four more prominent rides were waiting for me. However, I thought of not waiting at Sanganeri gate for long but head towards Jal Mahal. So five of us headed towards Jal Mahal which is one of the most iconic tourist places in Jaipur. A fort, floating amidst man Sagar lake.

Reaching Jalmahal

Jalmahal in Pink City, Jaipur!
Jalmahal in Pink City, Jaipur!

I have a connection with Jalmahal because this place has been my favorite since childhood. I frequently visited Nahargarh and Kanak Ghati in my school and college days and Jalmahal was supposed to be our stop for sure. A popular place which is been filled with tons of waste and garbage by ever building tourist population and ignorant locals.

However, the local authorities are taking note of this and a regular cleaning drive is held. Plus they have deployed cleaning workers who make sure that the place is clean. Clean Jalmahal is what is being liked by all and to be honest it is an amazing place to sit and watch the sunrise.

Also check out the four amazing sunrise spots in Jaipur.

Route To Amer Fort

Mostly it’s the tarmac till the entry of Amer Fort via Sagar or either a turn before Sagar. An incline to the Amer Road gate and then the road is mostly downhill till Amer Fort. Once you reach the end of decline take a left turn or look for a turn to Sagar. This road will take you to a cobbled pathway that takes you to Amer Fort.

Now, this is an incline and that too cobbled, so MTB is good to have here. Even Hybrid works fine, as one of the riders, was riding a hybrid. However not too sure if a road bike is a good idea. Someone who has experience will ride a road bike on a cobbled road might take it all the way. However, folks with less experience might not like this way to the fort.

Ride road bike at your own risk.

Amer Fort – A Living Heritage

Amer Fort In Jaipur!

The first thing that speaks about Jaipur’s history is the Amer fort. The principal tourist attraction, Amer Fort, is situated 11 kilometers away from the center of the pink city. Amber is a small town with four square kilometers area under Jaipur. Even though we loved spending time at this historical place, however, the mercury was pushing us to go back home. I am enclosing the necessary details about Amer Fort for my fellow riders and travelers.

Amber Fort Jaipur

Visiting Hours : 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Contact No : 0141 253 0293

Entry Fee (In Indian Rupees):

  • Indian: Rs. 25.00 Student: 10
  • Foreigner: Rs. 200.00 Student: 100

Light Shows Timing (Onwards)

  • In English: 7.30 pm
    Entry Fee: Rs. 200.00
  • In Hindi : 8:00 PM
    Entry Fee: Rs. 100.00

Elephant Ride at Amber Palace for two person Rs. 900/-

Let’s Dig Some History, Shall We!

The Amber Fort was built by ‘Raja Shri Maan Singh JI Saheb’ (Maan Singh I) (December 21, 1550 – July 6, 1614) in 16th century. Man Singh, one of the first war chiefs or the trusted general of Emperor Akbar. Akbar included him among the ‘Navaratnas’, or the 9 (nava) gems (ratna) of the royal court. Man Singh began the construction of a fortress-palace of white and red sandstone i.e. Amber Fort in 1592. He was the Kacchwaha (Rajput) of King of Amber, a state later known as Jaipur. Nearby he ordered to set a small temple devoted to ‘Sheela Mata’, his patron goddess.

Once you enter the fort area, there are three prominent places to visit within the fort premises. Do check out these places.

Diwaan-e-Aam and Diwaan-e-Khaas

Diwan-e-Aam or better known as the ‘Hall of Public Audience’ is a beautiful hall stands on two rows of ornamented pillars and opens on three sides. It is said that king used to listen about needs and complaints of the General public like the way our current leaders listens to our issues. What a joke! Reference: Amer Fort Guide!

Sukh Niwaas (Sukh Mandir)

Sukh Niwaas, (Name is orgasmic enough) which is opposite to ‘Diwaan-e-Khaas’ having doors made of sandalwood and ivory. There is a channel running through the hall, which carries cold water that worked as an air cooler. This system is better than our modern age airconditioning. In this artistic hall, the cold climate was artificially created. It is said that the kings used to spend time in this Sukh Niwaas with their queens and sometimes with their mistresses that is why it is known as the residence of pleasure or pleasurable residence in English. See, I am already beginning to like this dude. And here, we are on a troublesome search of OYO rooms. (To all unmarried couples)

Sheesh Mahal

Well, the name explains the whole concept. A room made of glass. Why and for what purpose? Here is the answer.

“The reason behind why this hall was made by the glass because in ancient days the queen was not allowed to sleep in open air but she loved to see the stars shining”

So the king ordered his architects to make something which could solve the purpose. The most stunning thing about this hall is that if someone burns two candles, then the reflection converts that small light into thousands of stars. Phew! What a masterpiece.

Return Back

ok, so this was about my ride to Amer Fort today. I am gonna go to work, make a vlog and also since I am starting all the three challenges today, it’s going to be a tough day. The evening I am going to run and do all the fitness challenges for today. I made a vlog for the entire day today, hope you guys like it. mentioning the video link below.


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