Let us take a look at the types of SEO techniques in modern SEO. Last week we learned about a lot of Google updates. Slowly and steadily Google algorithms were revised and eventually they were making their systems strong to fight web spammers. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobile-friendly, Payday & Possum were few updates between 2011 to 2016 which changed the SEO.

The concepts changed. Spamming techniques were no longer working. In this article, we will discuss the types of SEO techniques that exist now. Furthermore, we will talk about good and bad SEO methods.

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Current forms of SEO

I consider SEO as a combination of three ethical types.

Types of SEO Techniques
Types of SEO Techniques in modern-day SEO

Search engine optimization techniques today are a combination of white hat, grey hat & black hat SEO. Let us talk about them in detail.

  • White hat SEO: These are the approved strategies from Google which help webmasters to rank their pages. These trusted strategies are given to webmasters by Google.
  • Black hat SEO: These are spamming techniques or the loopholes in Googles’s algorithm. Webmasters exploit these loopholes to rank higher. If caught by Google your site can be penalized. I always advise not to follow this technique. This gives a short term gain but long term issues.
  • Grey Hat SEO: In the middle of two extremities lies grey hat SEO. These strategies are not approved by Google. Furthermore, it is less likely to get you into trouble. These techniques are risky but not as risky as black hat SEO.

So above are the types of SEO techniques prevailing today. Search engine optimization techniques can be a little tricky and I always advise people to first gain knowledge about these methods before starting the SEO of their website.

From webmaster’s perspective

Now when we established the fact that black hat is the most dangerous SEO technique, there were webmasters who were still doing it. Consider the above artwork once again. The more you slide above to the black hat SEO, the riskier it gets for your webpage. Consider this as a scale on which you can measure the risk level.

After Panda and Penguin update this got more clear. I do not even advise anyone to go for grey hat SEO. Google tolerance level starts from the grey hat mind you, however, there is still a chance of your webpage getting into trouble. Most noteworthy is that staying in the middle does give you some returns, but with a risk. Before Google updates webmasters knew where to draw the line and acted accordingly. However, a few things changed after major updates were launched.

Types of SEO Techniques after Panda & Penguin were released

Once these updates came into effect SEO changes drastically. Now, webmasters were forced to create unique content and ensuring that the content was interesting to visitors. In short, these updates were looking for web pages that delivered exactly what the user was looking for. Over the years grey hat SEO has also changed a lot. Earlier it was not very risky, nowadays it has become riskier to implement grey hat SEO to your website.

There is a greater chance that your web page might get into trouble. Ideally, I would only recommend doing white hat SEO for pumping up the rankings. In the upcoming articles, we would further discuss and I will explain in detail each one of them. So, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.


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