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Cycling At Bijli Mahadev


Electric Hill Of Bijli Mahadev – Stunning Trails For MTB Riders

Bijli Mahadev Trek on Cycle!
Bijli Mahadev Trek on Cycle!

I had fun yesterday at Vashisht village. I got up early and found that my rider buddy Hemant was already up and having breakfast. We initially planned to go to Rohtang, however, we dropped that plan because of a couple of reasons. Firstly the traffic was a serious concern and secondly, we had another place in our mind. This place was more beautiful then Rohtang. Name itself was enough to spark our guts. It was the bijli Mahadev also known as electric temple trails and trek. The reason I said trail and trek are because we carried our bikes on our shoulder and did a trek of about couple of kilometers. Furthermore, we went downhill from bijli Mahadev through the technical trails of Kais Wildlife Sanctuary. Electric temple in kullu is a must visit.

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Manali To Kullu

I got up, quickly freshened up and went outside my room to see the lush green forest in front of club road staring at me. We did not have breakfast and got going after a steaming cup of coffee. Took out some cash from Mall road in Manali. I don’t like this as it’s too crowded. However, we went in the morning though when it was quiet. We immediately boarded a bus to Kullu and got our bikes on the bus’s roof carrier.

“Reason why we did not rode from Manali to Kullu is the immesnse traffic jam becuase of road getting constructed. The dirt flying was enough to get us tired before we could reach our destination”

To The Foothills Of Bijli Mahadev

Got off the bus and then rode towards the entry of Bijli Mahadev. The road is still under construction for we had to walk a little with our bikes. This was just the start. We had to trek almost about a couple of hours with bikes on our shoulders. We walked through the stairs for almost 2 hours and reached the top of the mountain, where the charming BijMahadevdev temple lies.

The view from bijli mahadev!
The view from bijli Mahadev!

Bijli Mahadev to Naggar Trek

The real charm of the Bijli Mahadev to Naggar trek trail lies in the interiors of Kais Wildlife Sanctuary. A 15 km approach by foot from Kullu town to the top of this hill is an experience in itself. In addition, there is 12 km long motorable road that trekkers can take.

The sylvan surroundings of the quiet valley are mesmerizing, with a wide array of deodar and pine forests. This is complemented by the beautiful apple, pomegranate and pear orchards of Jana Village. The trek becomes more interesting with overnight camping inside a forested ridge at Matikochar. As you exit the valley and reach Naggar, you’ll learn that it’s a wonderfully satisfying weekend trek.

Bijli Mahadev trek weather

As this place lies in height, the weather is unpredictable. The best time to visit Bijli Mahadev is summer as the weather is pleasant and not very cold.

Bijli Mahadev Temple!
Bijli Mahadev Temple!

During winters and rainy season, the weather is cold and the road becomes slippery which makes trekking difficult.

Video Log

Pictures and video speak a thousand words. Hence I have put together a video for my entire trip. Watch the video below and subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

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