Let’s talk about GoPro 7 first, the predecessor of GoPro hero 8 has amazing super smooth stabilization. However, they got it better with Hyper smooth 2.0. The videos in 4k were amazing. GoPro hero 8 specs have been further tweaked by the action cam makers of GoPro. So finally when the specs are out and they are launching this amazing device. Here I come with a complete review of Hero GoPro 8 Black. The second camera that they launched with a few modifications is the Hero GoPro Max. This is a modified version of GoPro Fusion.

Much awaited gadget hits the block. I Own a GoPro 5, 6, and 7. I love these devices. The performance was so impressive of Hero GoPro 7 Black. I have been using that action camera extensively. The super-smooth feature of GoPro 7 black is awesome. Take a look at some of my videos on my YouTube channel.

GoPro 8 Black Price

GoPro 8 Black price in India will be around INR 37,000. More or less the same price as GoPro 7 Black when it was launched. The addictive GoPro buyers can still book it online right now the price on the website though in USD is $399. Follow this link to pre-order it right now. Now, if we talk about GoPro max the price of this device is $499.99 on the official website. I loved fusion and I always wanted to buy it, however, it’s good that I waited for some time as now I can get my hands on GoPro max. You can pre-order it now on the official website, just click this link. Enough about the price let’s get down to more serious business.

What’s new in it? GoPro Hero 8 Specs

First, let’s talk about GoPro 8 black. The only bad thing about GoPro 7 is that in case you need to charge it or access a memory card, you need to get it out of its housing. Gone are those days mate. These slots are now placed on the sides and are easily accessible. The new GoPro 8 has an inbuilt mounting system. This means that you do not need to put this camera first in the housing and then attach it to the GoPro mounting accessories.

It has flaps at the bottom that opens up downwards, and when not in use they flip up to lie flush with the GoPro Hero 8 Black body and are held in place by magnets. This is awesome…..! A few amazing things that are now are the shotgun-mic performance, 3.5mm mic and HDMI-out ports, and two cold-shoe mounts—all in one. It has a flip-up screen for video loggers and a flash that can be attached to it. I am flipping already man!

GoPro Max

Now let’s come to GoPro max. I loved Fusion as I mentioned earlier. I used it since my friend had it. However, I got a 7 Black and was waiting if GoPro comes out with another bad fusion looking, bad boy. GoPro retrofitted this beast with some awesome punching features compared to its predecessor fusion. You can now shoot a single-lens hero style video with unbreakable stabilization. You can capture immersive 360-degree footage. Video log to the max with shot-gun mic performance and a front-facing screen. This just keeps on getting better.

Hyper smooth 2.0

Don’t you like the hyper smooth feature of GoPro 7 Black? Well, you will fall in love with Hyper smooth 2.0 of GoPro 8 Black. This Hyper smooth 2.0 is built on the foundation which was laid by the Hyper smooth feature of GoPro 7 Black. Never ever will there be a shaky video ever in the future of GoPro. This feature is available in all the modes available on this device. To add to this, there is something called the beast mode in Hyper smooth 2.0. This mode gives you super duper smooth videos but with a hint of crop video factor. But it’s all good. I can’t wait to get my hands on this device.

GP1 Sensor (The best)

Another modification that is being done to this 8th generation of action camera is the changes to its sensor. The new GP1 sensor is super efficient and works like artificial intelligence. Now, we all know the timelapse feature which is in GoPro 7. Well, the time-lapse on this device is on steroids, thanks to the GP1 sensor. You can now automatically adjust the speed of the time-lapse footage based on data that is being captured by this sensor. You can tap in the middle of the video to capture real-time footage or focus on something. I am flipping out seriously. GoPro Hero 8 specs are amazing!

Honest Hero 8 review

The interface is being pumped up by GoPro engineers. It has been completely revamped and now you need lesser taps to get things done. Shoot 4k footage at 60 fps and with hyper smooth 2.0 feature, you will never know what is shaky videos. Additional modifications are crazy. You can attach a shotgun microphone for crystal clear audio. Additional LED for making videos in dark. Now everyone can be Bear Grylls. lol! Furthermore, a flip-up screen for video loggers like me. Hey, by the way, check out my YouTube channel mate.

Summing up

GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro max specifications make them the best action ever to be launched in the market. Although these hero 8 and Hero max reviews are written by me are before I could lay my hands on these amazing devices, still I am pretty amazed at what the specs are claiming. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. I am going to pre-book them now. Will you? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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