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Amer Fort Viewpoint

Reaching Amer fort to reach Amer fort viewpoint

I was so surprised that there is no content online related to this magnificent place. The web section and the video section has nothing about Amer Fort viewpoint. Let me take you to a place where you get a spectacular view of the Amer fort. Yesterday, I along with few members of my triathlon group hiked up to this point. Before, I tell you everything about it, check out our fitness group in Jaipur which has a mix of cyclists, runners, and swimmers. So let us start and let me tell you everything about this point including the ways to reach Amer’s viewpoint.

You can join us on our adventurous mornings and evening excursions, just send me a request through my contact us page. Or else you can connect with any on the admins of our group on our group page, Cycloshottribe.

Video log for the entire route!

Video log for the hike up to Amer fort view point

How to reach Amer fort viewpoint?

Before I unveil everything about this spot, take a look at this image below on my Instagram. This was captured when were climbing to the top.

Captured by Nimit Agarwal on his GoPro Hero 7 Black

Isn’t the view above amazing? Yes right!

You need to reach Amer fort first in order to reach this place. Reaching Amer fort is easy and there are a lot of convenient ways. From the city center, you can take the below-stated mode of transportation.

  • Regular buses from bus stand and railway station
  • Hire a can (Ola/Uber) from anywhere around the pink city
  • Hire a tuk-tuk from the city, there are a lot of them
  • Walk or run if you are into fitness, the road alongside Jalmahal is fabulous for runners and cyclists.
  • Or you can connect with me and I can arrange a tour for you.

Reaching the Amer viewpoint is easy as it’s accessible from different parts of the city. You just need to reach the Amer fort.

So, we met around 6 AM in the morning in front of the Amer fort. By we, I mean all the members who wanted to take a hike up to this point.

Climb Start

The climb starts just in front of the Amer fort. A “Dargah” at the foothills starts your hike. From this point onward the evaluation kicks in and with each stair you climb you will feel your legs getting worked out.

With over 350 stairs to climb this does get you sweat-drenched, but the view up top is worth the climb.

Amer fort from the top

The view from the top of the mountain is mesmerizing. If you are looking for a place to visit from where you can see the sun come up the horizon this is the place.

Heaven for photographers

There are a lot of scenic spots in Jaipur, however, this place is just amazing. For me, this place tops the list of all the sunrise spots in Jaipur.

If you are a camera lover you will love this place. It is heaven for photographers. Lots of different angles and different perspectives.

Amer for in the back ground

Do not forget

Once you come down after taking a thousand pictures do not forget to have tea at the stalls in front of the Amer fort. There are quite a few restaurants as well. The food is simply amazing.

I like sipping tea looking at the majestic Amer fort view in the morning.

In case you want to see this place with our group on a cycle, do let me know. We do organize guided tours in the pink city as well.

Until next morning folks, but hey don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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